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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Painting in Progress - Baby Ballerinas

My newest painting that I am working on is these adorable little four year old ballerinas. The teacher had them lay on their tummies and well, being four, they were just bored with the whole thing. I still have about two weeks worth of work to go.

The Emotions of Painting . . .

My first major composition was completed in January. It will always be the one most dear to my heart. It was my first time coming up with a major composition and having someone pose for the photo shoot. It was also a time for choosing clothing colors and textures as well; something that hadn't even entered my mind. It is overwhelming, nerve wracking, flustering, scarey and exciting all at the same time. I never knew painting was so emotional.
This is also the first piece that I will be entering in the watercolor society shows. That is another emotional journey trying to complete the first set of paperwork and meeting deadlines. After the first piece it becomes routine. But that first time you enter a major show it too is a bit overwhelming making sure you meet all the specs and guidelines.

Painting is Addicting

These are the next group of paintings I finished. They were all so much fun; each offering it's own unique challenge.

The Defining Moment

The Defining Moment seemed to come with a special assignment. Gather a few items that you like and tell who you are. These would make up a painting that those closest to you would recognize and understand. Not only do you gather those items but now you arrange your composition and start photographing. The funny part is you are so involved in gathering those items it doesn't occur to you that you actually have to paint these things later.
I collect angels and this was a special angel my Mom gave me. I also love books by Beverly Lewis so of course I had to choose the one that started it all "The Shunning". I love country music and Loretta Lynn and have had many opportunities to see her perform in Hurricane Mills. Those who know me would be shocked if I didn't have something Loretta Lynn in there. Then there is my little blue Fenton basket and my tube of cobalt blue watercolor paint. I couldn't forget the paint and of course my favorite color - blue.
I liked my collection and had great time working with the photo shoot. It wasn't until later when I sat down in front of that blank paper that I had realized what I had done. I had put together porcelain, lace, beads, glass, a book and cd (both with people on them) for my very first "self-inflicted" composition. While it was a challenge, it was also about things I loved. As hard as it to do it was a blast.