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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Drawing for the next painting

I am working on a drawing of these two little friends. This will be a fun one to paint. These children all seem to love this dance school. They are just so attentive and happy which just added to the fun.

Watercolor Painting by Kathy Michels

Happy New Year - 2011
As we start the new year I plan to be on here doing updates much more frequently. It is so much fun to share tips, ideas and thoughts with others. This is another little ballerina I
began working on at the start of the new year. I plan to have her done at the end of the week and will post the updated photo then. I wanted to do her as she is so fair skinned it presents a bit of a challenge. Yet there seemed to be so many colors reflecting off her little face that it was just intriguing. With watercolors you have that ability to keep the paintings real yet add these beautiful mix of colors. I will
have to get a photo in better lighting so you can see the purples and greens. I am getting ready to add some pinks and bring this little thing to life.

Watercolor Portrait by Kathy Michels

Another little cutie. This photo does not do justice to the colors in her hair. Her hair glistens
with reds, blues and lavenders. Once I get the good quality photos done I will repost. I am
still working on the portraits of these little ballerinas.

Watercolor Portrait by Kathy Michels

This is another little ballerina in my series. These little ones are so fun to paint.
They are just so into their dancing and waiting for their turns that they seem to
remain focused.