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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"Time to Go? Please??" Watercolor by Kathy Michels

These little ballerinas were such a joy. One little girl always seemed to have her own agenda going on. It's not hard to tell which one that is. Another of the little four year olds was just so mesmerized by it all. She tried so hard to put that little foot exactly where it should be. It was adorable. She would always be looking around totally studying her feet and everyone else's making sure hers were exact. As I reviewed my pictures from the photo shoot I noticed one little four year always in prayer. It was precious. She looked up to God with her hands gently pressed together. She was totally involved in her conversation with God appearing to ask for help before each and every pose. I have several of her in prayer but one in particular I love. I will eventually do a piece with that very special photo.

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