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Monday, April 25, 2011

Degas Project Opening Reception

The last couple of weeks have been intense as we prepare our artwork for the "Degas Project". York Art Association teamed up with Greater York Dance to provide a unique opportunity for 30 artists as well as dancers from the school. With cameras in hand we made our way around five different stations shooting photographs (such as the one I have shown here) of these young dancers. Some of the dancers giggled as they raced back and forth changing out of outfits and being made up in the halls. This was to give the artists as many opportunities as possible for various outfits, colors, movement, etc. The reception will showcase those three weeks of intensity as the artwork goes up for show and sale. The dancers will also be performing. I think we are all waiting to see all the wonderful artwork on display. We each can see the beauty in so many different ways. There is so much grace and emotion with the dancers. While one artist will show the motion through an abstract piece another might show emotions through color and still yet another aims at showing dance through realism.

On Mother's Day, May 8th from 2-4 p.m. will be the opening reception. This will be held at Greater York Dance at 3524 E. Market St., York. There is plenty of parking at the rear of the building.


  1. You've taken some beautiful photographs; when will the paintings begin? Looking forward to seeing them.

  2. This has been an incredible collaboration. We welcome everyone to Greater York Dance to join in the magic with the York Art Association!