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Sunday, September 2, 2012

"Sugar and Spice" arrived in China

This painting is enroute to China. The Shanghai 2012 International Watercolor Biennial received more than 10,000 paintings. I am pleased to announce this painting is one of just over 200 paintings from 62 countries that made in through phase I and are being reviewed in August for placement in this show.
UPDATE . . .
My painting arrived safely in China.  The process for Phase was involved sending jpegs of our work.  Those of us that passed this phase were asked to send our original paintings to China.  Those paintings are being reviewed for Phase II.  The decision was originally going to be made at the end of August as to which paintings pass this phase and are actually in the show.  We received word last week that the reviews were not yet completed and determination will be made in the next week or so.

The excitement builds with each passing day.  It is just an honor for my work to pass the initial phase.  But I am definitely hoping that my painting will pass the next phase and make it into the show. 

This particular piece of art was from a photoshoot I did at a local cancer benefit called "Bikers and
Belly Dancers".  I expected to see tons of brightly colored costumes.  Instead one group of dancers had on these black, goth type outfits that were beautiful.  But I knew I need to do an artsy angle to show off the black skirts, lace, metals and shiny knives - thus "Sugar and Spice" evolved.  That is what is so exciting about art - there is no right or wrong.   

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