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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

With artists eyes . . .

It has been an amazing year in the art world.  As the heat comes in I will be spending more time on the paintings.  This spring I have gotten some wonderful photos of Amish, an Indian Pow Wow, a circus train, a farm setting and much more.  It has been amazing and I can't wait to start working on my compositions.  So many people travel all over the world and get some amazing photos to paint.  Being limited by lupus I don't have the ability to travel.  But the things I have been able to find in the local area has been amazing.  Sometimes as artists we forget to walk around our own city and county and really look.  There are so many amazing events and activities my calendar gets filled with much more than I am able to attend.  Next time you are stuck and can't come up with an idea I would like to challenge you to pick any direction from your home and drive ten minutes away, pick up your camera and stop and look through artists eyes - you will be amazed at everything you have missed!  Have fun! 

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